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9 November 2017

Safeguarding Training Day

A large number of our brokers spent an afternoon with Bill learning more about the regulatory and practical aspects of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Tim Wiltshire: “It was fascinating to get a new perspective on safeguarding and the related risks & issues which exist in our society today. What really hit home is safeguarding isn’t about primarily protecting an organisation or ‘covering our own backs’, but rather protecting those who are most vulnerable.

The insurance industry is in danger of treating this important issue as a tick-box exercise. This is demonstrated with some insurers limiting their understanding of an organisation’s approach to safeguarding, by only asking basic questions about safeguarding policies and DBS checks. Insurers and professional advisers need to work closely with organisations to ensure these foundational measures are in place, supported by a wider safeguarding culture, thus ensuring the safety of children and vulnerable adults in their care.

We are delighted to promote the good work that CCPAS do and thoroughly recommend that our clients consider working with them. Working with a specialist like CCPAS ensures an organisation’s approach to safeguarding goes above and beyond a ‘tick-box’ exercise, promoting a safeguarding culture and good governance.

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